To order interior products on DONG NGO®’s website, you can select any of the following 3 ways:

  1. Contact directly DONG NGO® at the Office – Showroom: 290 Cong Hoa – Ward 13 – Tan Binh District – Ho Chi Minh City.
    Here you can see sample products or choose DONG NGO®‘s products by catalog or order and adjust the details according to individual requirements. Working hours at the office are 8h00 to 20h00 every day of the week (except Sunday from 8h00 to 18h00).
  2. Contact telephone number. Telephone number: 08-38429926-8 lines; Hotline: 0928-115-117
    You can get more information about products, advice on materials, usage via telephone number. If necessary, we can accept orders from your door.
  3. Contact to order via Website: or email:
    To contact to order via website, please click on Contact on the main menu.
    In Contact menu, fill in information and select desired products and other necessary content and then press the button: Send request. Please fill in your personal information, phone number, contact email so that we can reply to you as soon as possible.

We will contact you again within 24 hours after receiving the order contact (except Sunday, holidays, New Year)


Warranty is applied in following cases:
– Products fail due to a technical error during the manufacturing and installation process.
– Products are still in the warranty period (The warranty period is calculated from the date of putting the products into use and shall be confirmed in writing).

Warranty shall be void in following cases:
– Customers self-repair when products have problems without notice to Dong Ngo®.
– Products are scratched, damaged by customers during use.
– Products are subject to mite-proof treatment from the inside. We shall not be responsible for all external environmental impacts such as: humidity, termites, mice, etc.
– Products are flooded, resulting in expansion, warping.
The warranty period of products expire.

Notes while using

– Avoid placing wet objects directly on products for too long.
– Never place flammable products near products to avoid affecting product quality.
– Prevent hard, heavy objects from hitting products and not place heavy objects inside them.
– In case of product malfunction, do not remove or repair the product willingly.

For all warranty issues, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE and provide product defects at 08.3.8429926 – Hotline: 0928.115.117