Position: Interior Site Supervisor


1. Construction implementation.
– Be assigned to supervise the site.
– Be responsible for managing the site under his/her supervision: schedule, quality, human resources.
– Be responsible for issues arisen in the site under his/her supervision: occupational safety, firefighting and fire prevention, construction tools, machines, materials.
– Compare the number of ordered materials with that in actual construction.
– Check actual loss of materials on site.
– Check, speed up covering and protection of finished products.
– Check for site theft.
– Make daily report to site manager.
– Make detailed schedule of construction with subcontractors and suppliers.
– Carry out acceptance of phases with investor/Consultant.
– Coordinate paperwork from QS for acceptance.
– Check and follow subcontractors’ compliance with approved construction method.

2. Construction preparation.
– Make advance payment for construction costs.
– Read and study drawings.
– Prepare weekly schedule with subcontractors based on approved schedule.
– Compare the volume in the estimate with that in the shop drawing.
– Minutes of construction plan handover.
– Prepare detailed construction methods for contractors, machinery, equipment, tools for the whole project.
– Working tables and chairs, file cabinets at the site.
– Site rules.

3. During construction.
– Execute construction for all fit-out, furniture, M&E subcontractors (with sample sheets approved by customers, construction schedules)
– Mark all partitions, ceilings and loose furniture on actual plan. Report to site manager immediately to place orders for manufacturing if detecting any difference.
– All details associated with the current status of the building must be approved by the building management before construction.
– Tell subcontractors and factories to check actual size for manufacturing.
– Coordinate with QS to accept input materials.
– Coordinate construction units on site.
– Keep daily diary of the site.
– Send all auxiliary material orders to site manager.
– Organize construction warehouse on site.
– Handle on-site inquiries.
– Organize on-site cleaning.
– Preserve material sample on site.
– Arrange power and water cabinets for construction on site as provided in site regulations and regulations on occupational safety.
– Regularly monitor and check the progress of subcontractors, workshops and external orders.
– Record any other requirement of customers (if any) to notify site manager before deployment.
– Report unresolved issues, make a list of materials not timely supplied as determined in schedule by customers and send to site manager.
– Check and sign minutes of technical acceptance and actual workload for subcontractors.
– Check to see if any items have not yet been ordered. If yes, report to site manager.
– Check for any items not yet deployed for deployment.
– Handle delay: divide work items into smaller sections, complete a part of work in advance, use more overtime workers if necessary.
– Check subcontractors’ compliance with construction methods.
– Check report on quality of carpentry on site.
– Check all ME systems such as lights, sockets, etc. according to the construction design drawings. Report to designer if detecting any problem.
– Save all catalogs and specifications of equipment to hand over to customers.
– Coordinate occupational safety.

4. Additional work during construction.
– Show workers their separate pathway.
– Instruct workers to go to the toilet at proper place.
– Instruct workers to use elevators dedicated for workers and material transport.
– Prohibit all workers from entering area not under construction.
– Check and transport garbage every day.
– Garbage must be put into bags before being move to dump.
– Use water for daily activities at prescribed place.
– Check to see whether workers sufficiently wear safety helmet, safety shoes, access card, vest when entering/leaving the site.
– Disseminate site rules to make sure workers strictly follow them.
– Make minutes of site rule violation.

5. Acceptance and handover.
– Prepare work volume records with customers.
– Record items requiring repair and additional requirement of customers, execute repair for items requiring repair.
– Provide project manager with actual construction volume signed with customer for final settlement.
– Offer shop drawing to make as-built drawing.
– Submit as-built drawing to customers with QS.
– Provide site manager with volume for final settlement.

6. Construction completion.
– Summarize and transfer construction documents to warranty period (record warranty period).
– Archive all project records in warehouse.
– Send report on subcontractor assessment to site manager and material units, and draw experience.
– Close the books to construction costs for accounting department or the construction secretary.
– Summarize materials, construction tools for export and import

– Have experience in interior decoration.
– Be able to use MS Word, Excel, Cad, Project, Email.
– Be able to organize, communicate, carry out diplomatic affairs and manage.
– Be able to work in groups.
– Be able to go on business trip to take care of projects far away from Ho Chi Minh City

– Salary and bonus based on ability and work efficiency
– Training programs organized by the Company
– Insurance regimes, annual leave regime as stimulated by the company
– Employee benefits such as: Travel, team building activities, etc.
– A dynamic environment with a great number of opportunities for self-development

Position: Interior Quantity Surveyor

– Implement legal documents, quality documents, Certificate of Origin (CO), Certificate of Quality (CQ).
– Print records, drawings, seal records and documents for the construction work.
– Supply glue, machinery, caps, equipment for the construction work as recommended. Manage and report data regarding materials and equipment assigned for the construction work.
– Support on-site transactions with supervision consultants, investors, etc.
– Check payment records for the team sent from the site. Check the quality probability of installed products to ensure the integrity of payment records.
– Prepare payment records for each stage/final settlement according figures provided by Site Manager/Supervisor as approved by supervision consultant and investor. Collect minutes of acceptance, completion and diary of Site Manager/Supervisor sent from the site to make a set of phase payment/final settlement records.
– Summarize costs and debt recovery situation of the project. Make an overview of projects for reporting as requested by management.

– Bachelor of Economics, Construction, etc.
– Have good communication skill.
– Be able to read card drawing, use MS Word, Excel, etc, and relevant software.
– Candidates with experience in product technique understanding, techniques of interior finishing materials are preferred. Candidates with no experience will be trained.
– Candidates with experience of working as QS or QC are preferred.
– Good skills of working independently and in groups.
– Coordination and synthesis skills.
– Skills of making plan and reporting.
– Be hard working, enthusiastic, honest and able to work under high pressure.
– Be willing to go on business in provinces.

– Salary and bonus based on ability and work efficiency
– Training programs organized by the Company
– Insurance regimes, annual leave regime as stimulated by the company
– Employee benefits such as: Travel, team building activities, etc.
– A dynamic environment with a great number of opportunities for self-development

Position: Quantity Surveyor – Tender Staff

– Survey works, calculate original cost and make quotes for customers
– Well understand construction drawings and methods.
– Detail volume for all construction items.
– Find subcontractors with good and reasonable prices.
– Be able to negotiate, analyze and assess the quality of subcontractors and suppliers.
– Develop a cost and price system for the company (data on unit price for each item must be updated on a regular basis).
– Prepare bids and tender timely.
– Meet customers/Investors to present and protect prices.

– 5 years of experience or more, at least 2 years of experience in quotation for furniture, discount pricing for products.
– Be able to read drawings in English and make quotes in English.
– Have knowledge of finishing materials and furniture.
– Good looking male/female.
– College graduate
– Careful, meticulous
– Good communication skill, have responsibility at work
– Candidates who can work as a team leader are encouraged.

– Salary and bonus based on ability and work efficiency.
– Training programs organized by the Company.
– Insurance regimes, annual leave regime as stimulated by the company.
– Employee benefits such as: Travel, team building activities, etc.
– A dynamic environment with a great number of opportunities for self-development.

Position: Project Manager

(Specializing in interior for VILLA – HOTEL – RESORT)
– Develop and complete project implementation process together with the Board of Directors.
– Prepare and develop construction plans and methods; organize and manage every activity of technical department and Board of site managers; Carry out and organize the inspection and control of all activities on site and be responsible to the board of directors for all project activities.
– Assign roles and duties to members of project management unit.
– Work with consulting firms to come up with design solutions which adhere to applicable regulations and standards so that such solutions can be cost-saving, feasible and safe.
– Directly work with authorities concerned on legal procedures of the project.
– Check and monitor quality, schedule and cost of project implementation.
– Collaborate with consulting firms and construction contractors to promptly handle all inquiries and ensure the implementation of project plans.
– Accept, make payment and final settlement for consulting firms and construction contractors of the project.
– Take care of all internal and external affairs of the project on behalf of the Board of Directors.
– Other tasks as requested by the Board of Directors.

– Age: 30 – 45
– Gender: Male
– Qualification: Bachelor – Postgraduate.
– At least 5 years of experience in project management as a contractor.
– Knowledge of architecture, interior, wooden furniture.
– English communication skill (if any) and skill of reading drawings.
– Teamwork skill, case-handling skill, negotiation skill, problem-solving skill.
– Be honest, careful, determined.
– Be able to go on long business trips to faraway destinations.
– Candidates with experience in interior furnishing and finishing for luxury villas, hotels, resorts and candidates with knowledge of PMP are preferred.

– Attractive salary based on competence as agreed + Bonus ++ (From USD 1500 per month averagely.)
– Labor contract with both social insurance and health insurance benefits
– Employee benefits such as: Travel, community activities
– A dynamic environment with a great number of opportunities for self-development.
– Training for skill and specialized knowledge improvement.

Position: Interior Sales Director

– Be responsible for managing company’s business operations.
– Develop business plans for the department, be responsible for assigned targets. Organize the business to ensure revenue as planned.
– Survey, assess, synthesize market demands, competitive products and propose solutions to promote the company’s business operations.
– Find and develop relationships with potential customers and partners.
– Develop, organize and train sales team.
– Manage, govern and supervise staff work every day
– Make reports as stimulated by General Director
– Negotiate, sign contracts
– Develop market for interior projects

– Bachelor or Postgraduate of: Economics, Business Administration, etc.
– Female preferred.
– At least 10 years of experience in interior sales and construction. At least 5 years of experience in a similar position.
– Experience of approaching interior projects, including: hotels, resorts, luxury houses, etc. in Vietnam.
– Be able to persuade, have good presentation skills, be energetic, creative, persistent and willing to develop.
– Be able to lead and manage employees and be able to motivate subordinates.
– Be able to analyze and synthesize information, be sensitive to market trends and demands.
– Skills of managing, organizing and planning.
– Be able to work under high pressure and willing to go on business trips to faraway destinations as required by the job.

– Salary and bonus based on ability and work efficiency
– Training programs organized by the Company
– Insurance regimes, annual leave regime as stimulated by the company
– Employee benefits such as: Travel, team building activities, etc.
– A dynamic environment with a great number of opportunities for self-development.



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