Project Description

WHITE PALACE – Where elegance meets innovation!

With passion for creation and unlimited inspiration resulting from the desire to meet customers’ demands as motivation, White Palace has officially changed to a fresh new look in the style of contemporary yet chic architecture to maximize the functionality from October 2018. A space that is blended between art and nature with a white arch roof consisting of many layers is opened up right after you enter the lobby. It is the simple, subtle and modern style that spread the impression over your soul. If sunshine is a miracle that knocks on the door every morning, the rhythm made from layers of light dotted in the hall at evening is the voice of space depth, making the building shimmering within vibrant pace of the city.

White Palace will be an ideal venue for businesses’ critical events, product launch workshops, exhibitions, gala dinners, and culture and entertainment events thanks to an area of up to 6500 square meter, four spacious great halls, compatibility with various conferences and events, as well as standards on quality of professional services. In particular, White Palace is place to mark happy moments from major life milestones. We will offer best support to make best events happen from all of your ideas!

Designed to diffuse comfort and spontaneity, great halls have high ceilings with elegant colors combined with warm wood material and shimmering chains of light particles, all were freely executed to appreciate the functionality for custom transformation.
Dong Ngo is proud to be While Palace’s company as a supplier of wooden furniture and interior furnishing and finishing services to create such a unique and creative construction work.